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About Us

Wales Heritage Orchards Ltd (WHO Ltd) is a CIC formed in 2021, aiming to benefit all Welsh Heritage Orchard growers and producers long term.  

Members across Wales include the National Botanic Garden of Wales, the Marcher Apple Network, the Welsh Cider & Perry Association, Aberystwyth University, author Carwyn Graves, commercial growers, community, private orchards and producers. 

As part of the Well-Being & Future Generations Act helping Wales meet Carbon Net Zero targets, we aim to:

· Create a Welsh Pomona, identifying favourite eaters, cookers, keepers and cider varieties

· Encourage planting and nourishing of nationwide Heritage Orchards; identifying hardy varieties adaptable to climate change; optimising growing and harvesting seasons and diversification and biodiversity in our farmland

· Help food security, grow the market for quality products which seek added value for members, locally and further afield

· Raise the profile of Welsh Orchards by creating an Orchard calendar, including October apple days, harvest days, blossom trails, and St Teilo’s day on 9 February

· Offer a strong voice, support and networking for members We aim to inspire more growers to invest long term in Heritage Orchards in Wales and become part of our mission.